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The school takes pride to showcase the extensive facilities:

Morning Assembly

Each day starts with the morning assembly which is held in the open ground. The morning assembly includes a Hindi prayer, an English prayer followed by daily news, Thought for the day, Speech by a child, Poem, Recitaion and National Anthem.

The morning assembly is organised by the four houses, named after the first four DG's of B.S.F- Rustamji, Ashwini, Prakash and Wadhwa. Each house gets the chance to plan the activities of the morning assembly for the week.


Class Room

The school has spacious, bright and well ventilated classrooms.

The classrooms of LKG & UKG sections contain child friendly toys used to develop hand and motor skills. Each classroom and corridor has a notice-board which displays the creative work of little hands.


Computer Lab

The school has established a hi-tech air-conditioned computer lab. It is equipped with internet, latest technology computers, a LCD projector, E- Block panel etc. to extol the era of learning. It was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Mrs. Sudha Joshi W/o Director General of B.S.F on January 6th, 2013.


Drinking Water

Two water coolers with Aqua guard have been installed for provision of cold and hygienic water facilities. Students get 24 Hour fresh water supply.



There is a provision of ample opportunities for students with an amplitude for music.

Highly talented instructors and availability of different musical instruments help the budding musicians to pursue their interest with an ease.



Games and sports are necessary to keep up the physical and mental growth of children.

The playground of the school is grassy and well equipped with the child friendly swings, slides, see - saw etc. There is also a badminton court where students play under the supervision of their sports instructor.

Being a school of Elite force the campus has a large stadium where atheletic events are held annually.



The school has set up eco-friendly club, health club to make students aware and care taker of their environment and health..


Medical Facility

An annual medical checkup is done by the specialist doctors of B.S.F Hospital situated just at stone’s throw from the school. In case of any emergency the child is provided first aid immediately and the parents are informed about the same.



Matter of discipline is dealt innitially by the Class Teacher  or the ' Teacher on Duty'. When a situation demands it, the Headmistress takes responsibility for discipline measures. At all times pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions. Our aim is to make pupils more aware of necessity for self discipline, self awareness and self control.



The institution's approach to secularism is amply symbolized by the 'Sarva Dharma Prarthna Sthal' which is situated inside the campus. All classes visit here regularly and learn to respect all the religions and that 'The God is One'.




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